New Gear

It is always fun when the packages arrive at the house. For most people reading this post a list of the new equipment and its specifications would be fairly boring. But it is an important part of any vocation to have the best tools for the job at hand. So every few months research is done, orders are placed the truck arrives out front.

Then the hard part begins. Owning gear is a lot easier than knowing gear. Learning the ends and outs of each piece so that work will go smoothly at a customer's location. Packing and unpacking, setting up and tearing down. It all has to become second nature. That all takes time to learn. Then once you have all that down, you have to learn how to use it to take pictures.

Once integrated into the kit, everything has to be checked and rechecked before use. Remembered before leaving and not left behind. Returned to its place after use. Cleaned and maintained as needed. One day it will wear out and need to be replaced and the cycle will begin anew.

Getting new stuff is fun, but it is a lot of work as well.