The competition

I spend a lot of time looking at what other photographers are doing. That is one advantage of this industry, people like to share their work. There are a lot of skilled professionals out there and it is just plain enjoyable to look at their work. That is why I love this industry.

It is also an industry where the very best share the techniques that work. I spend a lot of hours watching and listening to what they have to say. You can never stop learning. I try to spend at least 8 hours a week in formal learning. That can be a seminar, a web class or just something on Youtube. But it is important to keep learning, so I do it.

Of course, a lot of those offering their advice are also competition for me. In theory anyway. But in reality this is not a one-size-fits-all world. My pricing, location and talents let me bring the right value to my small place in the world. In the end, it makes it all the best possible world for the clients and that is what is important.