Learning your camera

What would have been a professional grade camera 5 years ago is available for around $500 today. They have the mega-pixels. They have the features. They have words you don't understand. While many aspects of photography have not changed in 100 years, some things have. And while nasty chemicals in the darkroom are a thing of the past, we now have digital files and software to deal with. 

You have many options here. You could spend days and weeks trying to figure things out on your own. Or you could take a four hour introductory class that will teach you how to take top notch pictures by the end of the day. While we cannot cover everything in a half day, we can lay a solid foundation for you to build on. This is small group instruction and I do not take more than four students in a single session. Here are the details:

Cost $200.00 per student. 

What you need to do and bring:

  • Dress in clothing appropriate for the weather, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, etc.
  • A digital camera, the camera's owners manual., memory cards , batteries, etc.
  • A notebook and writing instruments.
  • Optional: A laptop computer.  

Contact me for details and to schedule a class.