Used camera gear for sale

No not mine. When you are starting out as a photographer you always want the best. The latest model with the best features. If you can afford to do that, great! But if you cannot, don't be afraid of looking at the used gear that is out there. 

When you think about the pictures that blew you away last year, remember that they were taken with "old" gear. Fewer mega-pixels, slower frame rates, less features. Today they will still take those great pictures. But the cost can be substantially lower than what you would pay for a quality camera in the "new" section. 

Maybe you just want a backup rig. Something to have in case your primary goes down at the worst possible moment. A well maintained used model can fill that role and provide years of service. It can also let you bring in a second shooter if you need a little help. All for a much more modest outlay than new gear.

Maybe you just want to cover a different use. I currently have a full frame camera that is big and heavy. It is not the best rig to use for street photography or other times when you want candid shots. So maybe a used mirrorless camera will let you gain that capability without going into debt. 

Adorama, B&H and many other shops have good used gear. They let you buy with a bit less risk. If you are comfortable with the risk then you can try Craigslist or Ebay. Use good judgment, check everything twice and if a deal looks like it is too good to be true, it probably is.