Learning the gear

When people get interested in photography they tend to start thinking about gear. What camera do they need, what lens, what flash. They look around and read about the latest and greatest. How many megapixels are enough? What should I spend on a tripod? Do I need more than one strobe?

Funny thing with gear, the pictures you like the most were probably taken with technology several years old. The camera did not have as many megapixels, the photographer may have only had some simple gear, it was done with less than is available today. And it worked.

I am not saying quality does not matter, don't waste your money on junk. But at the same time don't spend money where it will not help you. A few dollars more on a lens may be more important for what you want to do than a hundred dollars more on a camera body. The right lights may be worth more than any tripod for what you want to do.

The first step is to learn how great pictures are made. To do that you need to invest in yourself. Study, take lessons and then practice. What could be more fun than going out and doing what you love?