Those who want to teach (or sell?)

Facebook and YouTube seem to be overflowing with photographers who think they are great educators. Too much of the time the "instructor" is just hawking gear in the form of "education". Some of them are just plain silly in their presentations. A few things from recent experiences:

"There are no rules" and "it is science" both used to justify a way of doing something. Make up your mind. Things like "the rule of thirds" may not be hard science, but there is a reason they are out there. 

Just because your spouse/roommate/significant other has a PhD in a subject does not mean you are qualified to speak in that field. 

Doing a "dumping" video where you claim you are concerned with a company being able to continue innovating. Then becoming a spokesperson for another company to endorse a cheaper knock off of the product you left. 

To counterbalance this I would look at photographers like Joe McNally. He does a lot of paid gear endorsements, but he maintains a high degree of credibility in what he says. Others I enjoy are Moose Peterson and Jarid Polen (Fro) to name but two.